Weekly Club Night



A weekly residency in the basement of Johannesburg's Capital Music Cafe has seen the brand challenge, inspire, and revive a scene through an uncompromising music policy and solid production values. From it's humble beginnings as a monthly night back in 2008 to its current status as the place to be on a Friday night in Johannesburg, TOYTOY has hosted a high caliber of local and international artists. These include, Ivan Smagghe, Chloe Kevin Saunderson, Trevor Jackson, Tim Sweeney, Alex Smoke, Ralf Kollmann, Sian, Killer Robot, Felix Laband, Monique Pascall alongside its residents Digital Rockit (Gforce, Fabio and Dogstarr), Sound Sensible and Andi Dill.


08-Sep-13: Tonedef has started production work on the Red Bull Bass Camp! We are looking forward to celebrating the many years Red Bull Music Academy’s influence on the music landscape.

01-May-13: Tonedef provided production services to the SA Music Awards.

01-March-13: Tonedef is asked to take part in a discussion at the European Lab conference which takes place in Lyon along with the Nuits Sonores festival.